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Elvis Presley-Roustabout-OST-CD-2017-D2H

01 Roustabout
02 Little Egypt
03 Poison Ivy League
04 Hard Knocks
05 It's A Wonderful World
06 Big Love Big Heartache
07 One Track Heart
08 It's Carnival Time
09 Carny Town
10 There's A Brand New Day On The Horizon
11 Wheels On My Heels
12 I'm A Roustabout (Bonus Track)
13 Little Egypt (A0 Take 15-M, Record Version)
14 Little Egypt (Revised, A0 Take 21, Part Used For Movie Version)
15 Poison Ivy League (B0 Take 7-M)
16 Hard Knocks (C0 Take 11-M, Record Version)
17 Hard Knocks (C0V Take 4, Movie Version)
18 It's A Wonderful World (D0 take13-M)
19 It's A Wonderful World (D0 Take 17, Instrumental)
20 Big Love Big Heartache (E0 Take 17-M)
21 One Track Heart (F0 Take 5-M)
22 It's Carnival Time (H0 Take 2-H0V Take 9-M, Record Version)
23 It's Carnival Time (H0 Take 2-H0V Take 12, Movie Version)
24 Carny Town (J0 Take 9-M)
25 There's A Brand New Day On The Horizon (K0 Take 5-M)
26 Wheels On My Heels (L0 Take 7-M)
27 Roustabout (N0V Takes 1-5, 6)
28 Roustabout (N0V Takes 7, 8)
29 Roustabout (N0V Take 9 , Movie Version)
30 Roustabout (N0V Takes 10-12)
31 Roustabout (N0V Take 13)
32 Roustabout (N0V Takes 14-16)
33 Roustabout (N0V Take 17-M, Record Version)