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ceodesignnone of these will unzip -101pukacot.rar,101vokorporacija.rar,108otposle.rar, 206utresni.rar,209slepatocka.rar,306brziot.rar,1206prirodno.rar,Zavisni72odfresno.part1.rar,Zavisni72odfresno.part2.rar,Zavisni72odfresno.part3.rar,Zavisni72odfresno.part4.rar,Zmajcetonapetko.rar3 months 1 week ago
mowblieThanks3 months 1 week ago
kats1961I am facing extract error after download the last file from Blindspot 720, Falling water, westworld 720, Rogue 720, The Romeo Section 720, Incorporated 720. Also tried Blindspot and I have the same problem. I am using JDownload2 core: #35437, Launcher #3628, Appwork Utilities: #2803, Browser #35417 and Updater #515. Does any one has the same problem? I tried to open download files with 7z and have the same problem, too3 months 1 week ago
milohaze@mowblie: I've added new links here. Enjoy. --- http://rslinks.org/music/album/reupload-s-nicks-bella-donna-deluxe3 months 1 week ago - editor
mowblieIs there any chance Stevie Nicks-Bella Donna (Deluxe Edition)-WEB-2016-ANGER can be posted again.3 months 1 week ago
HirenHi AJSO, Cool mate thanks. Really appreciate it.3 months 1 week ago
milohaze@sam187: I've added another one just in case, BetterZip v33 months 1 week ago - editor
AJSO@sam187: if you can try and let us know...3 months 1 week ago - manager
milohaze@sam187: I've added Incredible Bee Archiver for Mac to the Applications section. I don't have a Mac so unfortunately I can't tell if it's any good.3 months 1 week ago - editor
AJSO@Hiren: mate please wait until next month. New feature is coming for our site. I have seen your request at the beginning, dont worry I didnt forget you... Will contact you when time is come...3 months 1 week ago - manager
AJSO@sam187: sorry mate I cant help you with that. First I dont have experience with mac (there is RAR 5.40 for Mac OS X) and second I avoid using 3rd party software that will make extraction for me. All I want is to be safe and fast without huge request for user... Sorry mate...3 months 1 week ago - manager
sam187@AJSO: Thanks for answering, already thought so. Hopefully they will implement this some time soon. Any recommendation for a mac archiver (with gui) which can handle the new packages?3 months 1 week ago
AJSO@sam187: sorry mate but you will must to that manually for now.3 months 1 week ago - manager
HirenHi Sam187, I have the same problem with jdownloader2 but you can extract manually and it works fine.3 months 1 week ago
HirenHi, Just wanted to find out if the following seasons can be added again: Star Trek - Deep Space Nine - Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7, Star Trek - Original Series - Season 1 2 3, Star Trek Voyager - Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7, Thanks, Hiren3 months 2 weeks ago
sam187@AJSO: any suggestions for a mac/jdownloader2 combination? Right now I can't extract any packages automatically anymore..3 months 2 weeks ago
sancar78Thanks guys, works perfectly now3 months 2 weeks ago
AJSO@milohaze: tnx a lot mate...3 months 2 weeks ago - manager
milohazeHi guys, I've added WinRAR v5.30 to the Applications section for both x86 and x64 systems just in case you need it.3 months 2 weeks ago - editor
AJSOSure mate no problem. Just let me know what is the problem and we will try to solve it. We just want you to get your desired stuff faster as possible without problems for you of any kind. @sancar78: how is it at your end? Did you manage to solve this issue?3 months 2 weeks ago - manager
CopperMich2@AJSO indeed RAR5 is better but not all 3rd party software are using the RAR5 yet. But for my end , no worries i will unpack them manually. If there are still problems i will post them. Thanks for the support3 months 2 weeks ago
AJSOGuys I started to use RAR5 archive format model. It is recommended because it is faster and didnt ask for lot of ram memory. It is working just fine, tested on a few different computers. Maybe you have trouble when you using 3rd party software with winrar option available. Please try to unpack manually and let me know if there is still the same problem. I wanted to help you (less time and ram memory to unrar) but it looks like that is a bad solution. Please let me know!!!3 months 2 weeks ago - manager
CopperMich2@AJSO Yes that is one of the first things i dit , is updating winrar. But indeed you're right when i unpack them manually no error pops up. The other extraction has been done with a 3rd party program. Sorry , my fault.3 months 2 weeks ago
sancar78Hello AJSO, thanks for all the great work. I also have problem with the files today. Had no problem until yesterday. Could it be that is not related to WinRAR version?3 months 2 weeks ago
AJSO@CopperMich2: can you try new WinRAR version? With RAR5 archive format I have no problem unpacking those files. Can you try and let me know?3 months 2 weeks ago - manager
CopperMich2Hey, corrupted files for Van Helsing - Season 1 720p - Episode 9 - The Vampire Diaries - Season 8 720p - Episode 4 - MacGyver 2016 - Season 1 720p - Episode 8. strange ,not? thx3 months 2 weeks ago
AJSOTnx mate...3 months 3 weeks ago - manager
CopperMich2BTW rslinks Rocks :-)3 months 3 weeks ago
AJSO@CopperMich2: fresh links added. Thank you... Please let us know... Enjoy...3 months 3 weeks ago - manager
CopperMich2@AJSO Ok , latest one was Frequency.S01E05.720p.HDTV.x264-AVS. there are more but will post them in the future3 months 3 weeks ago