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Hiren@milohaze: Wow, excellent thank you so much. No nothing special as I want to be able to build affiliate site, membership sites etc... that I can customise to how I want. Can't wait to see more stuff. I will start going through these videos now. Thanks again. Hiren3 months 3 weeks ago
milohaze@Hiren: I've added a few tutorials about WordPress and I'll post a few more in the next few days. Is there any specific subject about WP that you are interested in?3 months 3 weeks ago - editor
Hiren@milohaze: This is amazing training on Drupal. Do you have anything for Wordpress as I have built a few basic site and would like to know how much can be done with wordpress. Thanks in advance. Hiren3 months 3 weeks ago
mowblieDoes anyone have The Hobbit Trilogy in 720p or 1080p that they could post. Thanks3 months 3 weeks ago
AJSO@CopperMich2: fresh links added... Enjoy...3 months 4 weeks ago - manager
CopperMich2Can you refresh the links for Suicide Squad 2016 EXTENDED 1080p BluRay x264-SPARKS pls?3 months 4 weeks ago
CopperMich2@spetun The shows i like most :) and dark one's like Supernatural ; Van Helsing ; Supergirl...And there is a lot of difference in the quality of sound and picture by my opinion. But sometimes it may be a luxury problem but you get addicted fast :)3 months 4 weeks ago
spetun@CopperMich2: I always watch shows in 720p, personally I can't see the difference between 720p and 1080p. Tell me what shows do you need to be 1080p?4 months 23 hours ago - manager
CopperMich2Guess not :)4 months 23 hours ago
CopperMich2Hey, Anyone into more 1080p TV shows?4 months 3 days ago
CopperMich2@AJSO Thanks for the info4 months 5 days ago
AJSO@ALL: everyone of you noticed that I have started using RAR5 archiving method. It is not supported yet from 3rd party downloading software. They all use 7zip because it is free license. 7Zip started to unpack this files from the previous version 15.06, I have tested latest 16.04 and its working just fine. So you can use it for now just to run manual unpacking. I hope 3rd party software will apply this changes from 7Zip to their software very soon. Similar to 7Zip for Mac OS is Keka (kekaosx.com).4 months 6 days ago - manager
AJSO@kats1961: just tested Masters of sex S04E10 and it's working excellent without any issues. I dont know why you got that error.4 months 6 days ago - manager
AJSO@ceodesign: can you tell us what are you using so we can recommend to other Mac users?4 months 6 days ago - manager
kats1961@AJSO: worked with WINRAR. But I still have problem with: RIO 2016 Olympics Games Part1 and Part3 ("volume is corrupted" and says "file is corrupted"); Master of Sex S04E10 "Probably disk is full" but I have 150G free. But Winrar is a payed app and I need to unzip manually one by one after download. With JDownloader it was automatically unzipped.4 months 6 days ago
ceodesignyep awesome osx fixed4 months 6 days ago
AJSO@kats1961: please install this 64/86 http://rslinks.org/search/rarlab%20winrar then let me know if you still have problem.4 months 1 week ago - manager
kats1961@AJSO. I am running Windows and I do not know how to unzip manually. Today I downloaded westworld S01E08 and face the same problem. but Mars S01E02 worked ok (I could unzip)4 months 1 week ago
spetun@CopperMich2: Fixed.4 months 1 week ago - manager
CopperMich2Hey guys, the title of the download link from MARS - Season 1 720p - Episode 2 Added is incorrect. But the file is ok. Just wanted to give a heads up. Thanks4 months 1 week ago
AJSO@ceodesign: can you please try iZip Unarchiver or this one: http://rslinks.org/applications/macitbetter-betterzip-v3-1-1-macosx-incl-keymaker-and-patch-core It says that they can work with RAR5 format. Please let us know what you have get. Let help other Mac users also.4 months 1 week ago - manager
ceodesignit is because you are using winrar 5.40 and i am on a mac there is no graphical interface for this version for mac yet. please use a lower version other wise all mac users will have to use the "command line only" version and i don't know how to do this.....4 months 1 week ago
mowblieThanks a lot. Kids will love you for it.4 months 1 week ago
spetun@mowblie: Posted pal enjoy.4 months 1 week ago - manager
mowblieAny chance someone has the first The Santa Claus4 months 1 week ago
spetun@mowblie: Fresh links added. Enjoy.4 months 1 week ago - manager
mowbliecan High.Strung.1080p-VETO.part7.rar be posted again. This file is also showing corrupt.4 months 1 week ago
mowblieCan High.Strung.1080p-VETO.part4.rar be posted again. File was corrupt. Thanks4 months 1 week ago
AJSO@ceodesign and @kats1961: can you try to run unrar manually without any 3rd party software? Please let me know if there is still the same problem. Thank you.4 months 1 week ago - manager
ceodesignnone of these will unzip -101pukacot.rar,101vokorporacija.rar,108otposle.rar, 206utresni.rar,209slepatocka.rar,306brziot.rar,1206prirodno.rar,Zavisni72odfresno.part1.rar,Zavisni72odfresno.part2.rar,Zavisni72odfresno.part3.rar,Zavisni72odfresno.part4.rar,Zmajcetonapetko.rar4 months 1 week ago