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Lynda Outlook Essential Training (Office 365)-ZH

Learn how to set up and manage email, calendars, and contacts in the Office 365 version of Microsoft Outlook. Outlook has the tools you need to work as a team, track assignments, and collaborate effectively. This beginner-level course begins with a tour of the interface and shows how to connect a wide variety of email accounts to Outlook. It then shows how to quickly create, send, and read email and reduce your inbox clutter; create and share contacts; and stay on schedule with calendars and tasks. Plus, learn how to back up your Outlook data in case you need to restore it or move it to a different machine.

Topics include:
- Connecting your email account to Outlook
- Reading mail
- Searching for mail
- Organizing mail with flags, folders, and rules
- Creating and sending new email
- Creating new contacts
- Adding delegates
- Creating meetings and appointments in the Outlook calendar
- Creating tasks
- Backing up Outlook data