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Packt CISSP Certification Domain 3 Security Architecture and Engineering Video Boot Camp 2019-RiDWARE

In Domain 3 we will cover:

- Introduction to domain 3, Security models and concepts, Security evaluation models, Secure system design concepts, Hardware architecture
- Secure operating systems and software architecture, Virtualization, IOT (Internet Of Things), System vulnerabilities threats and countermeasures
- Web architecture and attacks, Database security, Mobile device security, Industrial Control Systems, Introduction to Cryptography
- The history of cryptography, Symmetric encryption, Asymmetric encryption, Hashing, Attacks on our cryptography
- Digital signatures, IPSec and PGP, MAC, HMAC, SSL, and TLS, Physical security part 1, Physical security part 2
- Physical security part 3, Site selection, Media storage, Electricity, Fire suppression and hot and cold aisles, Personnel safety, The fire triangle and fire suppression.