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Packt Hands-On Cross-Platform Desktop Apps with Electron 5 0-XQZT

Build an awesome production-ready cross-platform desktop application using Electron and React.js

Are you building an application across multiple OS like Windows, macOS, and Linux? Electron framework allows you to build user interfaces for all the platforms at the same time. This course is designed to help you integrate Electron with React and create advanced UI.

In this course, you will learn everything you need to know about Electron. You will start by setting up your environment and create the basic layouts to render the application window using HTML windows and IPC. All the concepts will be implemented in a real-world application to give you a build-as-you-learn experience. Utilize the Electron APIs to build your application functionalities. Finally, integrate Electron with React to create powerful user interfaces. You will also learn to deploy your application for both Windows and iOS systems.