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Pluralsight Building Data Centric Apps with Angular and BreezeJS-XQZT

When you need to build an app with Angular that will involve a lot
of data presentation and data entry, there are many
individual features of Angular youll need to understand. In this
course, Building Data Centric Apps with Angular and BreezeJS,
youll learn how to best leverage the features of Angular, and
supplement them with the capabilities of the Breeze client and
server libraries. First, youll discover how to use many Angular
features for implementing data presentation and input. Next,
youll explore how to use Breeze for getting data to the client
side, working with it there, and persisting changes back to the
server. Finally, youll learn how to integrate Angular and Breeze to
build out your data-centric functionality quickly and cleanly,
with much less code than if you were to just use Angular on its
own. By the end of this course, youll learn how to make your life a
lot easier building out your data centric use cases.