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Pluralsight Creating Hand Painted Textures in Substance Painter-XQZT

Flat, painterly textures have been used as a way around
technical limitations in video games for years, but with some care
and the right techniques they can really take on a unique and
valid look of their own. In this course, Creating Hand Painted
Textures in Substance Painter, you'll learn how to make
something look beautiful and believable while relying entirely on
what we can do in our base color map. First, you'll explore how
to create realistic looking metal effects without any real
reflections to depend on. Next, you'll learn how to paint
believable weather and grime. Finally, you'll cover
techniques for creating organic surfaces, such as stylized wood and
fruit. By the end of this course, you'll be making your own
beautiful painterly textures with an understanding of the
concepts and just one brush. Software required: Substance
Painter 2.5.