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Pluralsight SQL Server Standard Edition Survival Guide-XQZT

A major consideration most people face when implementing SQL
Server is the cost. Are you buying the right edition for the
features that you need? Are you using the features in standard
edition to their full potential? In this course, SQL Server
Standard Edition Survival Guide, you'll learn how to use the
features and technologies not only as they are, but also make your
SQL Server Standard Edition experience as close to the feature set
in enterprise as possible. First, you'll cover how to
support reliable, high availability in disaster recovery
implementations. Next, you'll explore how to ensure you have
industrial strength security, and how to build high
performance systems. Finally, you'll discover when
enterprise edition is the better choice. By the end of this
course, you'll have a better understanding of the feature sets
available, and the confidence and skills needed to survive on
standard edition.