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Pluralsight Using Wireshark to Analyze and Troubleshoot Wi-Fi Networks-XQZT

Are you responsible for designing, implementing or managing a
Wi-Fi network? Or simply want to understand how Wi-Fi works? In
this course, Using Wireshark to Analyze and Troubleshoot Wi-Fi
Networks, you'll learn how to capture, analyze, and
troubleshoot Wi-Fi networks in Wireshark. First, you'll learn
how to capture Wi-Fi traffic over-the-air, including how to
select the best hardware, and how to configure that hardware in
your preferred OS environment. Next, you'll explore how Wi-Fi is
the only protocol where Wireshark provides physical layer
information utilizing the de facto Radiotap standard.
Additionally, you'll discover the 802.11 MAC header and
elements, learning how to filter on key fields, such as the retry
flag to find re-transmitted frames, and the protected flag to
determine if your network traffic conforms to your security
policies. Lastly, you'll cover the 802.11e Quality of
Service (QoS) setting and how to ensure your traffic is being
given the appropriate priority over the Wi-Fi network. By the end of
this course, you'll have the necessary skills and
knowledge to navigate Wireshark to analyze and
troubleshoot your Wi-Fi networks with confidence.