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Welcome to Level 5 of this Microsoft Excel course. In it, we'll cover:

- Create a chart
- Format a chart
- Insert and format an object
- Create and modify images by using the Image Editor
- Format and modify text with functions

Levels 1 to 5 teaches all the skills that Microsoft want you to know. Specifically, they are the skills required to undertake the Microsoft Certificate 77-602 (for Excel 2007), 77-882 (for Excel 2010), 77-420 (for Excel 2013) and 77-727 (for Excel 2016 Core) and will be useful if you wish to take the exam, or which to learn more about Microsoft Excel

The core skills which are taught are those tested by Microsoft in the exam. There are topics that it wants you to learn about Microsoft Excel, and this course teaches you all of them.