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Piet Van de Valk series by Nicolas Freeling - P2P

Nicolas Freeling born Nicolas Davidson, (March 3, 1927 - July 20, 2003) was a British crime novelist, best known as the author of the Van der Valk series of detective novels which were adapted for transmission on the British ITV network by Thames Television during the 1970s.
Freeling was born in London, but travelled widely, and ended his life at his long-standing home at Grandfontaine to the west of Strasbourg. He had followed a variety of occupations, including the armed services and the catering profession. He began writing during a three-week prison sentence, after being convicted of stealing some food.[citation needed]
Freeling's The King of the Rainy Country received a 1967 Edgar Award, from the Mystery Writers of America, for Best Novel. He also won the Gold Dagger of the Crime Writers' Association, and France's Grand Prix de Littérature Policière.

The Books
Literature & Fiction, Mystery; Thriller & Suspense, Thrillers, Detective

Piet Van Der Valk, a police inspector, and his wife Arlette Van Der Valk, a gourmet cook, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands:

Alluring, unstable, and frantically self-absorbed, Elsa de Charmoy was a dangerous woman, and now she's a dead one, shot with a gun bought by her former lover. Sulking in an Amsterdam jail, he swears it's been years since he saw Elsa, but Inspector Van der Valk isn't quite ready to be persuaded. Like Inspector Maigret (to whom he is often compared), Van der Valk tends to pick apart the details, ideally over a good meal. And while Van der Valk's ruminations may frustrate his more action-minded colleagues, they inevitably yield a surprising resolution.

The books in suggested reading order:
Love in Amsterdam
Because of the Cats
Criminal Conversation
The King of the Rainy Country
Strike Out Where Not Applicable
Over the High Side
A Long Silence
The Widow
One Damn Thing After Another
Sand Castles