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Jimi Hendrix-The Album-2CD-2015-D2H

Disc 1 / 2

01 Torture Me (Early Instrumental Recording)
02 Goodbye Bessi Mae (Edited Version)
03 Uranus Rock (Edited Version)
04 Morrison's Lament (Edited Version)
05 Tommorow Never Knows (Edited Version)
06 Soul Food (Edited Version)
07 Mercy Lady Day (Early Instrumental Recording)
08 Crossover (With Little Richard)
09 She's A Fox (With Lonnie Youngblood)
10 Voice In The Wind (With Lonnie Youngblood)
11 Hard Night (Early Instrumental Recording)
12 Woke Up This Morning (With Lonnie Youngblood)
13 Sunshine Of Your Love (Edited Version)
14 Wipe The Sweat
15 Free Spirit

Disc 2 / 2

01 Goodnight Irene (With Little Richard)
02 Voices
03 Suspicious
04 Bring My Baby Back (With Lonnie Youngblood)
05 Hot Trigger (With Lonnie Youngblood)
06 Wipe The Sweat, Part 1 (With Lonnie Youngblood)
07 Wipe The Sweat, Part 2 (With Lonnie Youngblood)
08 Wipe The Sweat, Part 3 (With Lonnie Youngblood)
09 Red House (Edited Version) (With Lonnie Youngblood)
10 Groove Maker (With Lonnie Youngblood)
11 Good Feeling (With Lonnie Youngblood)
12 Outside Woman Blues (Edited Live Version)
13 Second Time Around
14 Got To Have It
15 Memories Are Made Of This (With Little Richard)
16 Woke Up This Morning & Found Myself Dead (Edited Version)