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Luis Bacalov-Luis Bacalov Greatest Western Themes-WEB-2016-ENTiTLED

01. His Name is King - Lo Chiamavano King (From "His Name Was King")
02. Django (From "Django")
03. Motorcycle Circus (From "Summertime Killer")
04. The Man Called Noon (From "The Man Called Noon")
05. Can Be Done (From "It Can Be Done - Si puo fare amigo")
06. La Corsa - 2nd Version (From "Django")
07. Western Ballad (From "His Name Was King")
08. The Grand Duel - Parte Prima (From "The Grand Duel")
09. Sugar Colt (From "Sugar Colt") (Titles)
10. Mexican Tune (From "His Name Was King")
11. Il villaggio al tramonto (From "It Can Be Done - Si puo fare amigo")
12. Quien Sabe? (From "Quien Sabe? - A Bullet for The General")
13. Andantino burleso (From "Sugar Colt")
14. Vamonos muchachos (From "Django") (Version 3)
15. La gloria (From "Sugar Colt")
16. The Greatest Robbery in the West - Halleluja for Django (From "The Greatest Robbery in the West")
17. Like a Play (From "Summertime Killer - Ricatto alla mal") (Version 2)
18. Adios, tierra mia (From "L'oro dei Bravados - Gold of The Bravados") (Titles)
19. Monta in sella, figlio di...! (From "Monta in sella, figlio di - Great Treasure Hunt") (End Titles)
20. Ricordi (From "L'oro dei Bravados - Gold of The Bravados")
21. Django (From "Django") (Instrumental)