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Uriah Heep-Look At Yourself-Deluxe Edition-2CD-2017-D2H

Disc 1 / 2

01 Look At Yourself
02 I Wanna Be Free
03 July Morning
04 Tears In My Eyes
05 Shadows Of Grief
06 What Should Be Done
07 Love Machine

Disc 2 / 2

01 I Wanna Be Free (Alternative Mix)
02 Tears In My Eyes (Alternative Mix Extended)
03 What Should Be Done (Alternative Mix)
04 Shadows Of Grief (Alternative Mix)
05 Look At Yourself (Alternative Mix)
06 July Morning (Alternative Mix)
07 Why Fourteen Minutes (Alternative Mix)
08 Love Machine (Alternative Mix)
09 What's Within My Heart (Alternative Mix)
10 July Morning (Alternative Mix, Live)
11 Look At Yourself (Alternative Single Version)