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AJSO@deathcat99: all episode (1-7) HDTV and 720p are with new fresh links...3 days 26 min ago - manager
deathcat99@AJSO I only need episode 7 it looks like. but 1-7 are down.3 days 19 hours ago
AJSO@deathcat99: all 9 episodes?4 days 3 hours ago - manager
deathcat99@AJSO Can you reupload westworld season 2 please and thank you.4 days 18 hours ago
Woundedtigerthanks i'm getting them now4 days 20 hours ago
Daisysue70Thank you again AJSO all done5 days 1 hour ago
AJSO@Woundedtiger: new fresh links for Poldark and Taken are added... Hurry up and enjoy...5 days 1 hour ago - manager
WoundedtigerCould i get taken ep 14 again. Hopefully this will be my last plea5 days 9 hours ago
WoundedtigerThanks downloading condor 1 right now. I could use poldark episode 1 too. I was out of town with real slow internet5 days 10 hours ago
AJSO@Woundedtiger: did you get Condor episode 1?5 days 11 hours ago - manager
AJSO@howard2001: yes, Happy Father's Day...5 days 11 hours ago - manager
AJSO@Daisysue70: no problem... Poldark is on the way... 😉5 days 11 hours ago - manager
Daisysue70Thank you AJSO for all your help!!!5 days 13 hours ago
howard2001Happy Father's day5 days 13 hours ago
AJSO@Daisysue70: new msg on new e-mail send... Check...5 days 21 hours ago - manager
Daisysue70AJSO I am going to send you my husbands email and see if he gets it.5 days 21 hours ago
Daisysue70Nothing in the spam folder either I have no clue what is going on never had this problem before with you I don't know what else to do5 days 21 hours ago
AJSO@Daisysue70:new msg was send... Check spam folder also...5 days 21 hours ago - manager
Daisysue70Still nothing I removed all the blocked ones on my email see if it will come thorugh now but your name wasn't on it5 days 21 hours ago
AJSO@Daisysue70: I used another e-mail account and send to you new msg. Check pls...5 days 21 hours ago - manager
Daisysue70Still nothing AJSO not sure why you have done other movies and shows from my address as well5 days 22 hours ago
AJSO@Woundedtiger:new fresh links added... Enjoy...5 days 22 hours ago - manager
AJSO@Daisysue70: check now? if not I will try from other mail. I dont have this kind of problem with other users...5 days 22 hours ago - manager
Daisysue70AJSO I just checked and you aren't on my blocked list but I just added you to the safe sender's list not sure what is going on. If you still can't I will send you my husbands email address and see if that works6 days 1 hour ago
AJSO@Daisysue70: I dont have problem with others, only with you. Can you check if somehow you have blocked my e-mail?6 days 1 hour ago - manager
Woundedtigercould I possibly get Condor Episode 1 reposted?6 days 3 hours ago
Daisysue70Still nothing AJSO I have you added to my contact list it should come through, Before there wasn't a problem6 days 11 hours ago
AJSO@Daisysue70: can you check your mail now?6 days 12 hours ago - manager
Daisysue70no sorry AJSO I haven't gotten any emails at all from you6 days 16 hours ago
AJSO@Daisysue70: I am sending e-mails to you and there is not answer from you. Did you get my e-mails? If not, let me know to look out for any other problem...6 days 17 hours ago - manager